Candl dashboard looks like this

  • - Track what you read or plan
  • - Set your reading goals
  • - Private notes and reviews
  • - Use on web or mobile

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Catalogue view with lists and book preview

Organize books into lists like reading, read and planned.

Book lists are very easy to manage. Read books are grouped by month, and you can also add tags for easy searching.

You can add rich notes to the books you've read

Add rich notes

Have you ever been wondering how to better remember what you read? One asnwer to that question is making notes. It lets you think through what you read once again and so make the memory last. We are strong believers that in order to remember the information better you need to structure it. That's why we have bullet points, citations, and even TODO checkboxes.

Reviews can be published to your public journal and shared with the friends

Add reviews to your public reading journal

Reading journal is a place to direct friends to when they ask for book recommendations. Mine do that all the time. It's convinient to have a single place to direct them to. I'm also in control of what notes are going public and what are not.

Here's how you set a reading goal in Candl

Set your reading goals

If you never considered setting a reading goal for yourself, tha might be a good time to think about it. Reading goals help organize our minds and get us into reading more.

It's easy to track the reading pregress with TODO lists

Track your reading progress

Create TODO lists to keep your reading progress within a particular book.

Download the App

Download The App

Mobile applications are available for Apple iOS and Android. The apps have all the functions the web version has. Plus with it you can scan a book barcode to easily add a book to your library.


Who is it for?

Candl is a web app for avid readers, who are struggling for knowledge and always looking for ways to become a better person.

How can it help me learn better?

By encouraging you to take notes, it helps you to better understand and remember what you read. Those notes are smart, searchable, and even shareable, but they are private by default. You can learn more by reading this Medium article.

Can I direct friends to my books recommendation?

Yes. Candl allows you to keep an online public reading journal. You control which of the notes you share. It also looks nice, here's mine :)

Is it free?

It is free for adding up to 20 books. Above that it's $3 / month.

I have a different question.

If you have any more questions, or bugs to report please use our contact form.