• – Organize and plan books

  • – Tag books for easy search

  • – Add notes and citations

  • – Share with the world

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Organize books into lists like reading, read and planned.

You can also add tags for easily searching and organizing


Add personal notes and citations

So that after a while you can come back to that book and easily remember the key points.


Add reviews to your public reading journal

Reading journal is a place to direct friends to when they ask for book recommendations.


Set your reading goals

Set reading goals helps to read more, and Candl makes sure you're on the track.


Track your reading progress

Create TODO lists to keep your reading progress within a particular book.

The "divide and conquer" of learning
is organize and repeat.


Who is that for?

Candl is web app for avid readers, who are struggle for knowlegde and looking for ways of effeincetly absorb it.

How can it help me learn better?

By encouraging you to take notes, it helps you to better understand and remember what you read. Those notes are smart, searchable, and even shareable, but they are private by default. You can learn more by reading this Medium article.

Can I direct friends to my books recommendation?

Yes. Candl allows you to keep an online public reading journal. You control which of the notes you share (by default only reviews are shared). Here's mine :)