Organize your reading life.

All your books tracked in one place. Plans, reviews, and goals. Completely private.

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Everything a reader needs.

Add books to your personal collection and keep track of your reading progress, future reads, and completed books.

Rate the books you read to know which one you like better.

Add private notes and reviews for the books you have read, and revisit them later.

Stay organized and on top of your reading goals with customizable lists and reminders.

Easily find any note with full-text search.

Take full control of your data. Export anytime. Delete your account at any time.

Ready for your phone.

Candl is a progressive webapp that can be installed on any device.

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Plans on your phone

What our amazing users say.

Candl's simple, elegant interface makes it easy for me to keep track of and keep notes on my reading.
Seth W
from Florence, MA
I use Candl to have a running list of what I have read. I read pretty fast, and sometimes I forget I have already read a book and Candl helps so much with this. I also like that I know what authors I want to keep reading.
Diane Tucker
from Port St Lucie, FL
I was looking for a non-Amazon alternative to GoodReads, where I could have a record of what I was reading and what I had read over the year. Candl is perfect for these reasons and a nice, clean, easy-to-use, no-fuss platform as well.
Sue Bond
from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
I use Candl in order to track my current reading list and other books that I wish to read. It's intuitive and refreshing to use!
Kaartic Sivaraam
from India


Who is it for?

Passionate readers who wants to get organized, read more, and read better. With no social nonsense.

What about my data?

All your data can be downloaded in one click. We are not locking you in.

Is there a mobile app?

Candl is a progressive webapp. That means it can be installed on any device. Please see, for example, this guide.

Can I import my books?

You can easily import your data from other services like Goodreads.